Michael Shaw

My experience has been positive for the past 24 years. The staff have always been available when needed and on top of the latest healthcare advances. I have no doubt that our pets have always been well cared for.

Jessica Durler

My experience here was fantastic. The staff is very sweet, and the vet was very kind and gentle to my chinchilla. I will definitely continue to come here with all of my animals! Thank you!

Tabitha Green

I’ve never had such an amazing experience at a veterinarian office. The staff are all amazing, nice and love the animals that come into the office.

Kate Farrar

I was treated with the utmost respect, feeling a little silly about taking a year old chicken to the vet. She was treated like a little person and referred to by her name – Penelope. She was given the utmost care and treatment, by the bird specialist, Dr Wolfer. I would recommend him to anyone with a bird problem.

Traci Kramer

We have a senior dog with multiple issues and it was our first time in the clinic. I will be back for many reasons! The extensive knowledge, friendly staff, and the personal touch that each person working shared was invaluable. My family will be back! Thanks for a great experience!

Elaine Haumann

We had an emergency with our pet. We were taken in immediately. The veterinarian was helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable, and explained fully treatment options. We can’t thank them enough for their immediate response to our immediate need.