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Veterinary Boarding & Bathing in Liverpool, NY

Give Your Pet a Taste of Vacation & Pampering

Traveling can result in a large amount of stress for an animal. If you need to leave town, but cannot take your furry, feathered, or scaled friend with you, it’s important that you find someone who will properly care for and provide him or her with the necessary attention. At Liverpool Animal Health Center, we offer boarding and bathing services for both companion animals and avian/exotic animals. Our boarding facility is clean and comfortable, and our staff will treat your pet as if he or she is one of their own. We accept pets from Clay, Baldwinsville, Phoenix, and Fulton.

For more information about our boarding and bathing services in Liverpool, or to discuss a special request, contact us by calling (315) 766-2178.

Important Boarding Forms

At Liverpool Animal Health Center, we like to make things as easy and quick as possible for both pets and their owners.

Prior to your pet’s visit with us, we ask that you fill out one of the following forms:

Our Bathing Services

Sometimes our pets can get quite stinky—our dogs will roll around in mud and our cats will rub up on something that leaves them smelling foul. Treat your pet to a special bath that will leave him or her feeling fresh and clean. Our bathing services work to remove any dirt or debris and nasty odors so you can go back to snuggling your pet without holding your nose. If your pet has allergies or is constantly scratching, we use a soothing medicated shampoo to alleviate the issue. When you bring your pet in for a bath, we will also trim his or her nails and fully brush him or her. We will happily get rid of any matting in your pet’s fur as well.

To schedule an appointment for bathing services, or to arrange for boarding, call (315) 766-2178 today. We also welcome pets from Clay, Baldwinsville, Phoenix, and Fulton.

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