End of Life Care

End of Life Care in Liverpool

At Liverpool Animal Health Center, we are pet owners ourselves and understand how difficult it can be to make end of life care decisions for your pet. If you are worried that your pet is suffering from a medical condition that is causing poor quality of life or if you believe it is time to begin discussing the next step for your elderly pet, we are here to help.

Our staff of compassionate, highly trained veterinary experts will walk you and your family through all available options of hospice and euthanasia to determine the best course of care for your pet. We will ensure that your pet’s comfort and dignity are at the forefront during this time.

We offer the full spectrum of end of life care services and are here to answer any questions you or your family may have, including assisting with special requests for your pet’s final days as well as how to properly handle their remains.

Deciding when your pet may need hospice or euthanasia is a deeply personal, emotional, and private process. But that doesn’t mean you need to make it alone.

Contact Liverpool to learn more about the next steps for your beloved pet at (315) 766-2178

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