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Many people relish in the amusement a pet bird can bring them. Birds have incredibly long lifespans, sometimes living past 50 years old, which means they can provide decades of companionship and joy. Depending on the type of bird you own, you can even train him or her to sing songs, speak to you, or mimic you. It’s also fun to admire the variety of colors birds come in and the beauty in their feathers. Just like any other pet, it’s important that your bird is seen by a veterinarian on a regular basis. At Liverpool Animal Health Center, we happily treat birds of any kind. We welcome pets throughout Onondaga County, including Liverpool, Clay, Baldwinsville, Phoenix, and Fulton.

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Our Avian Medicine Services

Just as each dog or cat is unique, so are birds and each one carries individual health needs.

Our veterinarians are capable of helping owners:

  • Feed their birds properly so they receive proper nutrition
  • Train their birds
  • Provide their birds with proper hygiene and grooming
  • Oversee socialization between their birds and other pets or family members

It’s important that your bird also receives routine wellness exams. They can develop many similar conditions to dogs and cats, as well as illnesses unique to them. However, birds are extremely adept at hiding any signs of illnesses, making it increasingly difficult to diagnose any medical problems. During a routine wellness exam, we welcome any questions regarding proper care for your avian friend. We will also thoroughly assess your pet’s health from beak to tail feather. If we see anything concerning during our exam, we will suggest further testing to help us get an accurate diagnosis.

For more information about our avian medicine services in Onondaga County, give us a call at (315) 766-2178

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