Pet Microchipping in Onondaga County

Reuniting Pets with their Families in Liverpool

Each year, millions of pets are lost. While many animals are brought to local veterinary clinics, shelters, and rescue groups, without a microchip, it can be difficult for organizations to determine the identity of pet owners. Approximately 20% of lost dogs and less than 2% of cats who are not microchipped are reunited with their families. When microchipped, an average of over 50% of dogs and almost 40% of cats are returned home. Collar tags can be lost, but microchips cannot- consider microchipping your cat or dog today!

What to Expect

A microchip is roughly the size and shape of a small grain of rice. It is placed underneath your pet’s skin (usually between the shoulder blades) within a few minutes. The procedure is very safe and painless to your pet.

Once inserted, you will need to register your microchip so that it is connected to your contact information, including: your name, address, and contact information. One of our staff members can walk you through this process.

If your pet is ever found after being lost, veterinary hospitals and rescue shelters can scan the microchip and view this information and you will be contacted!

Learn more about the benefits of microchipping and set up an appointment for your pet. Contact us at (315) 766-2178 today!

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